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Here are some of the clients we help with branding, visibility and upselling. The tasks are varied and we can probably help you too.

From creative ideas to reality

Who are we at Nordshop Display?

At Nordshop Display, we create display solutions that increase your sales and improve your customers' experiences - whatever your needs and budget. For 48 years we have been custom designing shop shelving, shop in shop and display solutions. We are a highly skilled team that works every day to stage our customers' products in the most effective way.

Our many years of experience with display systems and display solutions means that we can quickly and competently identify the challenges of your current display solutions. Based on your wishes, we design and deliver the display systems that will be most rewarding for your business.

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    With retail and retail displays, or simply "sales displays" from us, you will experience exposure solutions that work for your retail sales.

    When it comes to presenting and showcasing your products to potential customers in the best possible way, the right sales display is indispensable. But how do you choose the right sales display when they come in a multitude of shapes, colors and materials with tons of different features and specifications? And as if that wasn't enough to consider, your new point of sale display also needs to fit into the bigger picture in order to sell your products as effectively as possible.

    How are you going to manage to find and develop your brand new sales displays, you might be thinking? Don't worry, we'll guide you through the jungle here and give you our suggestions on the thoughts and considerations you need to make about your new sales stands.

    Types of sales displays

    First, let's start by informing you about the different types of point of sale displays that exist. For most people, when they hear the word point of sale display, they might automatically think of a freestanding sales display that stands on the floor of the store. But point of sale displays can be much more than that.

    Broadly speaking, we can divide sales displays into

    • Shop shelving and shop-in-shop furniture
    • Wall displays
    • On-board displays
    • Floor displays

    Each of these categories represents a place to display your products. For each of these, there are then several different ways to place your products in the sales stand, depending on the products you need to present, of course. For example, it could be with:

    • Hangers
    • hooks
    • Spear
    • curves
    • Shelving
    • Holders

    Add to this the fact that sales displays are available in a wide range of designs and materials as standard. Already tired of all those choices? Then there is of course also the possibility of having your very own unique sales displays produced, which we at Nordshop Display are experts in. We take you all the way and together we solve the task of a new sales stand with you.